High Technology Job Readiness Initiative for Youth

Our newest program combines intensive instruction in high technology trades that, over a 12 month period, will equip students to qualify for internships and entry level job opportunities in the recording industry, video production, website design and management and, soon, CAD/CAM 3D Printing systems.

Policy and Leadership Institute

This program is designed to teach social and civic responsibility and cultivate leadership among youth.

Arts and Entertainment Initiative

Everyone has a musician inside who wants to get out and play sometimes. Cultivating a knowledge and taste for the arts is one of the best ways to help a young adult to grow into themselves, but it’s not music that has that effect: the arts all have that effect on us as individuals and as a society.


We need you.  We need your knowledge, your expertise, your skills and your compassion to help encourage our students to make the most of the opportunities we are putting in front of them.