Everyone has a musician inside who wants to get out and play sometimes. Cultivating a knowledge and taste for the arts is one of the best ways to help a young adult to grow into themselves, but it’s not only music that has that effect: the arts all have that effect on us as individuals and as a society.

Arts and entertainment programming has, however, taken a big hit in the school budget battles over the past two decades as schools are forced to cut back arts programs in order to meet budgetary goals.

Schools pour millions in to athletic programs, while the arts starve. That has to stop. Athletics are important, but so is singing, dancing, writing poetry, painting, sculpting…

NYDC’S Arts and Entertainment initiative has been providing music and art instruction, free of charge, to area students for many years, developing a program of after school activities to fill the gaps created by funding shortages.

This program enables young people to work together to refine their musical and artistic skills under the tutelage of accomplished professionals in these fields. One of NYDC’s mainstay programs, the Arts and Entertainment Initiative, will continue to gather young people into the arts, often combining the music and arts program with our new EnterTech initiative, because record producers and video directors need talented musicians to record, and talented performers to film.

If you are interested in this program, or you know someone who might be, use this link to find the Student Application form.