electirc 5esterToday’s job market is a tough place for workers who don’t have the skills that are in the greatest demand…and no one is having a tougher time breaking into the modern job market than recent graduates. Even with a college diploma, many new workers are finding that they can’t find the jobs they trained for….because they don’t have any actual work experience.


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Research shows that work experience is more important than great grades. Applicants with relevant work experience will almost always end up getting the jobs. This brings up the all-important question: How do you get the experience to qualify for high tech jobs if no one will give you a job because you don’t have any experience in the field?



In the old days, in order to become the master of a craft, you had to start off as an apprentice, working under the supervision of a master craftsman.

Even today, some professions still require you to go through a period of apprenticeship after you finish college, but some of the highest paying professions today don’t require a college degree at all, if you can find the training you need.

NYDC is responding to this challenge by developing an innovative new program that is designed to give high school students the work experience credentials they need to qualify for employment in a variety of high technology occupations right out of high school, giving them the same benefits that college students get from work-study programs on the college level. Many of our students will go on to college, but they will go to college with advanced knowledge that will give them an advantage in their chosen fields, and with the work experience they need to get the jobs they want.

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