NYDC EnterTech and advance technology education models of integration and afterschool innovative programs are fast becoming the big buzz among educators and private industry.

NYDC Technology programs currently offered:


NYDC Entertainment Technology Program

The EnterTech program is designed to provide training for jobs that are attractive to young people who are looking for both jobs and opportunities for self-expression. Unfortunately, most job opportunities today tend to suppress self-expression, following the “go along to get along” sparadigm. The EnterTech program changes that paradigm by encouraging participants to ad- dress the economic, social and civic conditions that affect their real lives, making self-expression part of the vocational training curriculum within the context of a strong educational foundation. The program will encourage students to create their own positive uplifting messages of healthy lifestyles, joy and the importance of education, becoming “good will ambassadors” from the program to the community.

  • Successful graduates will be eligible to apply for an internship position at NYDC as an assistant engineer or associate producer who will help maintain the aesthetics of the studio in classrooms as well as assist in the operations of classroom modules and studio sessions.
  • Students who complete their internships will be referred to our business partners for further internships or possible employment. Students will also get a professional letter of recommendation from our staff toward any prospective employment opportunities and for any school interests.
  • By Year 2 of the project, we expect to initiate an in-service training program for service providers from other communities that will enable them to observe and participate in the EnterTech program.
  • By Year 3 of the project, we plan to have an operating manual for the program ready for publication.
  • By Year 4 of the project, we expect to produce a documentary film about the EnterTech program suitable for broadcast. The program will be written, produced, directed and shot by the students in the program. (HBO is being approached for funding for this element.)
  • By Year 5 of the project, we will begin handing off the management of the project to the next generation of leaders who will be drawn from the ranks of the participants in the program, instructional staff, and business partners. By year five, we expect total enrollments to exceed 4,200 students across the network of programs.
  • By Year 10 of this project, we hope to have 8.400 students passing through NYDC programs around the United States, using our franchise model to disseminate our system to local nonprofit organizations. This will give us command and control responsibility over the services delivered by our affiliates First Module: Music and Audio Production Basics Introduction to Digital Music Production.


EnterTech 2016-2017 Program Summary

While engaging with teachers and department heads it became clear that good video had to be supported with good audio. EnterTech provides its students with those core skills and competencies needed in the audio/media workplace. We are also helping students fulfill matriculation requirements for successful completion of their course load leading towards graduations.

There are certain audio requirements for Radio and TV vocations that are set by individual state statues and must be adhered to. The students must have certain knowledge of audio components and the ability to create quality audio along with their video projects.

We currently have two working models for the NYDC EnterTech program, as an after-school initiative and an integrated instructional program in which both models work simultaneously. There are slight differences in the teaching approaches, but they achieve very similar goals. A week where there are two different days of integrated instruction and one supplemental after-school day, is ideal for optimal student interfacing and workforce preparedness.

Internet and Computing Core Certification Introductory

Here is a little history about the NYDC’s Enter Tech IC3 Program.
The IC3 certification, short for Internet and Computing Core certifications, is a certification designed to test general knowledge of computer and Internet skills that might be useful in a typical office setting. It was developed by Utah-based Certiport, Inc. in 2000 to help potential employers screen hiring candidates for computer literacy. Since then it has continued to be an industry-respected certification.

  • Who the IC3 Certification Benefits
    The IC3 certification is designed for mainstream office employees, not just IT personnel. It is aimed at measuring fairly basic computer skills such using email, word processing, and spreadsheet software. It also covers general knowledge items relating to computer hardware, operation systems, and networks. A basic training course should be able to prepare people for the course and students will likely already be familiar with much of the material.As technology pervasiveness has increased over the past couple of decades, computer literacy has increased. With that, however, has also come an increase in the need for businessmen and women to be technologically competent. No office worker is now free from the need to use email, social networking, and other forms of instant communication in day-to-day activities. A lack of these skills can render any office employee virtually useless and is a detriment to anyone’s career. Mastering these basic computing skills, however, will boost productivity and perceives value by employers.
  • Boost Resume Appeal and the Job Search
    Obtaining the certification carries a great benefit for the job hunter. While many applicants may simply mention that they have computer skills on their resume, the IC3 certification shows employers that you have the necessary computer skills for a job as objectively measured by an industry standard program. The IC3 was the first computing certification to be formally recognized by the now-defunct National Skill Standards Board and continues to be an important measurement of computer competency. This certification might just be the thing your resume needs to be to stand out from the competition. We know that overworked hiring managers tend to quickly sort through resumes based on initial impression, and this could be the thing that puts your resume into the pile to be considered for hire.
  • Prove to Employers You’re up to the Task
    Getting a certification like this also shows potential employers that you are willing to take the time to learn new skills and master any concepts necessary for the position for which you’re applying. While other candidates may be just as skilled or even more so with computers, your IC3 certification shows that you have taken the time to master one skill, and builds employers faith that you can learn any other necessary skills.

Technology will continue to change and improve in the future, and showing you can keep up is important for your long-term prospects with a company.

Whether you are already computer savvy and want the credentials to prove it, or need to develop computer skills to get a new job, the IC3 certification is perfect for you. Both groups will find a preparation course in the certification instructive, as it will prepare the student for the specifics of this certification. The IC3 certification is a great way to showcase your computer skills and get the job you’ve been looking for.

Internet Core Competency Certification is a global benchmark for basic computer literacy, including operating systems, hardware, software, and networks. IC3 certification helps students to learn and demonstrate Internet and digital literacy through a worldwide industry standard. Becoming IC3 certified demonstrates that you possess the knowledge required for basic use of computer hardware, software, and the Internet.

Recognized Globally, IC3 is the most commonly recognized standard of digital literacy today. IC3 is accepted for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE) and aligned with the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for teachers and students from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Students and teachers who achieve IC3 certification possess the validated skills and knowledge required for basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet.


Technology Education is defined as: “The application of knowledge to satisfy human wants and needs, and to extend human capabilities.” To study Technology Education, therefore, is to analyze available resources, how these resources are interrelated, and what can be expected as a result. The main purpose of Technology Education is to provide students with experiences, which teach students to apply process thinking and problem solving skills so that they may become active members of the workforce.

The NYDC Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture program accomplishes this by assigning design problems. The goal of these design problems is to provide solutions to technological problems, or problems, which require students to apply knowledge. The courses involve the application of physical processes, experiences with materials and processes. This course will also, address the needs of all learners through the application of design based activities in which the teacher becomes a facilitator of learning rather than the primary source of information. This class also requires the application of knowledge from other areas such as math and science.

This class is not just about learning 3D CAD, however, it is an important skill, but it’s really about using state-of-the-art tools to exercise more important skills. This is a course that develops students’ ability to write technically, take an idea from concept to product, and to express their creative thoughts in specific manner. This course includes in its goals learning how to manage time and space.

Students learn the computer requirements and other basic information for the course. They set up files and folders, and install the course software. They also learn to identify sources of trustworthy information, the definition of plagiarism, and how to properly cite information.

– Coding program instructions is also available.